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Holyoke Housing Authority
Moving to Work FY 2015 Annual Plan Amendment
Proposed Activity - Project-Basing Enhanced Vouchers

[Note: Holyoke Housing Authority’s (HHA) FY 2015 Moving to Work (MTW) Annual Plan was submitted to HUD on January 24, 2014 and is pending approval. The following amendment is a proposed MTW activity that will be inserted into the FY 2015 MTW Annual Plan once both receive final approval. ]

Description of MTW Activity: HHA will preserve the long term affordability of expiring use properties by project-basing Enhanced and Tenant Protection vouchers for up to a 15 year extendable term. Households that reside in a preservation eligible project as of the conversion date will be given the choice between an Enhanced or Tenant Protection voucher or a Project-Based Voucher. Prior to the conversion date, HHA will meet with tenants to explain the advantages/disadvantages and the impact of an Enhanced Voucher vs. a Project-Based Voucher so the tenants can make informed decisions. Should a household opt for an Enhanced or Tenant Protection Voucher, HHA may apply their MTW operating flexibilities (i.e. Biennial Recertification and Inspections; Revised Asset Policies) to the Voucher provided the operating flexibilities do not infringe on the enhanced nature of the Voucher. The only Enhanced Voucher provision which will apply to tenants selecting the Project-Based option is the initial income eligibility requirement.

For tenants that are over-house as of the conversion date and elect to receive a Project-Based Voucher, HHA may waive the subsidy policy provided there is at least one household member per bedroom. Tenants may also request a reasonable accommodation if applicable.

HHA will waive 24 CFR 983.56 in its entirety including the 25% per building/project which will allow for every eligible household in a preservation eligible project to elect to receive a Project-Based Voucher. Additionally, should a household that elects to receive an Enhanced or Tenant Protection Voucher move from the property, HHA may add the unit to the Project-Based HAP Contract at any time during the term of the HAP Contract.

Statutory Objective: This initiative will support the MTW statutory objective to increase housing choice for low-income families by making additional units available in Holyoke to low income households.

Anticipated Impact: Allowing families in preservation eligible projects to elect to receive Project-Based Vouchers will preserve the affordability for future residents of the projects. It will also allow tenants to remainin their unit at a more affordable rent as a traditional Enhanced Voucher may result in a tenant paying more than 30% of their income to rent. Project-basing the units will also guarantee the subsidy (aka - an affordable unit) remain in a targeted neighborhood in Holyoke. Additionally, projecting-basing vouchers will allow for owners/lenders to rely on a stream of income in order to finance improvements to the property.

Anticipated Timeline: HHA intends to implement this activity immediately.

Metrics: HHA will use the HUD standard metrics found below to quantify the impact anticipated as a result of this activity. HHA’s data collection process will center around the tracking of the number of units that are project-based through this initiative

HC #2: Units of Housing Preserved


Unit of Measurement




Benchmark Achieved?


Number of housing units preserved for households at or below 80% AMI that would otherwise not be available (increase).

0 units

55 units




MTW Authorizations: The provisions Attachment C, Section D.1.e and D.7 of the Moving to Work Agreement between the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Holyoke Housing Authority dated September 6, 2013, allow for HHA to develop and adopt a reasonable policy and process for project-basing Section 8 tenant-based leased housing assistance.

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