Making Homeownership A Reality: The Rivera Family

new home ownerRecently, a Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) participant, achieved her lifelong goal of homeownership! Zoraida Rivera worked diligently throughout her time in the program to increase her overall household income, repair her credit, and increase her savings all while being super mom to her 5 children. Zoraida qualified for the City of Holyoke's Borrower's Assistance Program (BAP), utilized the Section 8 Homeownership Option and a robust escrow upwards of $30,000 to purchase a home for family right here in Holyoke. We are so proud of Zoraida and all of her accomplishments and wish her all the best as she begins this journey. This is what the FSS program can do.

Zoraida wanted to share a testimony from her experience in the program:

The FSS program was the best thing created to help people such as myself achieve one of the biggest goals people want… a HOME!

Thanks to them I got my first home. The benefits of saving money in an escrow account to help towards the cost of your home is a huge deal. I was able to have a down payment and use the money for things I needed in my new home. My worker Vivian and her supervisor Justine have been a huge blessing for me. They helped answer so many questions I had even when I called non-stop, their patience and understanding came through in the clutch!

Setting goals in this program helped me mature and understand the process of completing these goals for a brighter future for me and my children.

My children are forever grateful for this program because we were able to move into a beautiful home that is ours!

The resources in this program and benefits geared towards not only succeeding but also benefiting the dream that we all want is huge, especially for those families in low income hoping to one day own their own home.

I can not thank God enough for this program. It’s something everyone should sign up for ASAP!!!